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Shipping Info

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NutsDubai – Shipping Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee is assured
All products ordered from NutsDubai are covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We take every step to satisfy you and make you happy. Although we guarantee that your product will arrive to your recipient in quality condition. If you (or the recipient of your gift ) notice that the delivered order is damaged kindly contact our customer service department immediately. Your complete satisfaction is our motto. If a product is damaged we will replace it free of charge.

For a more complete policy guide please refer to our Terms of Use elsewhere on this page.

Delivery & Shipping Policies
Our products are normally shipped through our own vehicles, at other times we may deliver it via a reputed courier service. Our company vehicles are mostly refrigerated so all your perishable deliveries of dry fruits, nuts, chocolates, edible arrangements etc will be delivered to the recipient in excellent condition. Please note that when any item is shipped and that order is cancelled, shipping fees are non-refundable.

For further information you may refer to our Delivery & Shipping policies elsewhere on this page. Please read Terms of Use carefully.

Replacements or Substitutions Policies
For further information you may refer to our Replacements or Substitutions Policies elsewhere on this page. Please read Terms of Use carefully.

Variations of Components
Variations in Natural Products are inherited and beyond our control. The exact component color size as displayed on the product image is not guaranteed and depends on you screen resolution and type and is subject to availability of stocks. The main product will not change but some components (e.g. colour and shape of dry fruit, nuts, packing, wrapping etc ) may vary according to the stock available to us at the time of delivery.